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Author: Rebecka Vigus
What title are you bringing to the blog hop: Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie

As if getting called out on a victimless domestic disturbance wasn’t bad enough, Detectives Macy McVannel and her partner Tom Maxell get a sixteen year old cold case plopped on their desks. Once the case opens up and the detectives try to help Mrs. Appleton finally find out who killed her son, they keep running into the same problem – their witnesses are turning up dead!
Nobody is safe. McVannel and Maxwell are forced into hiding when the murderer even tries to kill the police captain. Who will be next? Follow the team on an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting ride as they try to apprehend the murderer and stay alive at the same time!

What gave you the idea for the book?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. I was looking to write a book that could be series.
Who are your main characters:
Detective Sgt. Macy McVannel and Detective Tom Maxwell.
Who is my favorite character and why?
In this book, it’s Macy. She finds herself in a situation out of her comfort zone.
Spill a secret, mystery, or hidden in your book:
Macy’s last name is my maternal grandmother’s  maiden name.
Where do you live: I currently live in rural northern Michigan.
Name two famous people who have been sighted in your community:
Ted Nugent used to own property just around the corner from me and Bob Segar has been photographed with the waitresses at the local Big Boy Restaurant.
What is your favorite restaurant and what do they serve?
Big Boy is my favorite restaurant hang-out. They are considered a sit-down fast food chain. But the regulars get treated like royalty.
What author are you highlighting on your blog? Diana Hockley, author of The Naked Room
Where can readers connect with you?
At my blog, Ramblings by Rebecka –

Facebook –

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All three of my novellas-“When Dreams Change”, “The Trouble With Angels” and “Home Before Dark- are available for free at midnight Friday through Sunday at:

Please download and enjoy.  Paperback copies are also available for purchase.

Reviews and likes are welcome.

Meet & Greet Lady Antebellum

Like most writer I listen to music when I write.  One of my favorite groups is Lady Antebellum.  They write beautiful love songs, I write romance novels. Kind of a match made in heaven. 

When their concert was schedule in Des Moines I wanted tickets. I went to their website, joined the fan club and got pretty good seats.  Not great, but good to listen to the music.  Up popped a sign-up for a “Meet & Greet.”  What the hell, I would love to meet them, I never win any of these, but being always hopefully I put my name in the pot. On a particular unpleasant day I receive in my email-“You’ve Been Selected to Attend a Lady Antebellum Meet & Greet!”.  OMG!

Since I am first a writer, the fan of Lady A stuffed and autographed copy of the Writers of the Lake first book in her purse.  Off I went to get shuffled from one line to another, but I didn’t mind.  This was an experience of a lifetime.  My turn came for the photo opt, I handed them the book and babbled about how I write to their music, and yada, yada.  They were so gracious and kind I was blown away.

So here’s the picture of me (the short one in the middle) and the fabulous and ‘I will be a fan until I die” Charles, Hilary and Dave. Notice our book in her hand.

When Dreams Change




“You stupid-cheating-mother-f@#king-son-of-a-bitch!”

The heavy stoneware plate hurled from Jessica’s hand headed towards her husband.

Sweat lingered over her eyebrows running in her sea green eyes.  So infuriated she didn’t even pause to wipe it away.

Charles, a middle-aged, non- athletic nerd, jutted to his right at the last second as it hit the wall behind his head shattering into pieces.

Raising his hands out in front of him to block her onslaught, his wire-rimmed glasses twisted on his nose. “Damn it, Jessica.  Buying the café was a mistake.  I just can’t stay here and work all the time. I feel stifled.”

           Her words came at him in a blaze of pure rage. “What the hell do you mean, mistake?”

We sold everything we owned to get the money to buy this café.”

          “Well I just don’t think this business venture is going to work.”  Charles still had his arms up in a defensive block.

Jessica grabbed two more plates, angrily releasing one. “What do you mean it’s not going to work?” Charles dodged the first         plate.

Her tone of voice seethed with white fury. “What’s the real reason, Charles?”

The second one soared at high speed.  It nicked his forehead, just above his eye. Blood oozed from a cut.

          “Okay!  I want someone else.   Bambi and I want to have a life together.”  He held his hand over the wound.  “Enough!  I’m leaving.  It’s all yours honey.  Do whatever the hell you want.  I’m done, finished, out-of here.”

With another plate in her hand, Jessica watched as Charles twisted around and did a hasty escape out of the door.  Blonde Bambi was waiting for him outside.   Dragging his little sex kitten behind him, Charles exited indubitably out of her life.

The Judester Gets Robbed.

Opening the door to my house, I was aware that something was not right.  Things were scattered on the floor.  The cushions on the couch were crooked.  Dropping my bags and purse to the floor, my eyes traveled around the room. Looking into my bedroom I saw my jewelry cabinet drawers putted out and dumped.  Then I realized.  Someone had broken in.  The sick feeling of dread crashed over me.  I picked up my phone I called my husband.

“Get home now!  We have been robbed!”

Still stuck in one spot, I turned around.  The window screen was laying open, cut to allow the intruder to enter.  The laptop that was supposed to be on the stand, wasn’t.   The cute little purple netbook that rested on my matching purple laptop holder was gone.  My knees started to buckle.  My writing!  I had not back up my computers.  All my writing is gone!   Despair hit me like a brick.  OMG!

My husband came in, looked around and started asking questions.

“Did they take your jewelry?”

Yes, the precious pieces of good jewelry I had collected from 45 years of marriage, hoping to give to my grand children. Gone!

“The gun?”

I got down on my hand and knees to look under the bed, where it was kept in a locked box.  Gone!

Anything with lose change in it was gone.  I had created a shrine for my mother, with her pennies from heaven and a necklace that said “Mom” a friend had given me at Mom’s funeral.  Carefully resting in a Waterford bowl.  Gone!  Bowl and all!

The police were called, but little hope was given of ever finding our stuff again.  And even less chance of finding the laptops.

So when I was asked to write and article for the newsletter about protecting my work from theft, my first thought was ‘About what?  How to do it wrong?’  But that is what I am going to tell you.

First:  Back-up, back-up, back-up.  Through the help of my dear writer friends I have received many pages of my lost manuscripts.  But it’s the last chapters I had just finished that I had not shared with anyone that are gone.

Second:  Register your computer and then copy the serial and model numbers in an e-mail and mail them to yourself.

Third:  Install an alarm system in your home.  Many homes are being broken in to and this will help safe guard your house.  Secure your windows and doors.  Do not trust that just because you have lived in a neighbor for many years, you are safe.  My husband and I have lived in this house for 20 some odd years.

Fourth:  Someone suggested I get a dog.  Not quite ready for that.  But if that’s your thing, I have heard that a dog will discourage robbers.

Fifth:  Be angry.  Someone has invaded your space.  Put a hole in your comfort zone.  You have the right to feel violated.

Sixth:  After you have had your pissed at the world time, be grateful that they did not hurt anyone.  That they just took stuff.  As mad as you are about that, Stuff can be replaced.  People cannot.

My new laptop arrived today. It’s like making a new friend.  I will piece my stories back together like a puzzle.  I can do this.  I am a writer.  Everything will be back-up three times to Sunday.

So is the saga of the Judester getting robbed.  I’m pretty sure I know who did it.  The POS that lives next door.  I would just shoot him, but he stole my gun!

Jordyn Meryl

The best feeling

Jordyn holds “Blue Jeans and Stilettos”

That’s right! The book, “Blue Jeans and Stilettos” arrived on Wednesday, May  11, 2011.  Yippee!  Here’s a pic of me showing off the cover.  We were all so excited to hold the actual first copy in our hands.  There’s no feeling like seeing your name on the cover of a book you wrote.

Holding a book in your hand and feeling the texture of the cover and smelling the aroma of those new book pages.  For writers, it’s the best.

Hope everyone can make it to the book’s actual book launch party on June 23, 2011!  Contact me for more details.  If you’re not able to attend, you can pre-order your autographed copy now!

Come join us for the fun!

Explore. Dream. Discover.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

When Dreams Change

A small quaint truly Italian cafe on the shores of the Mediterranean was the dream for Jessica. Failing to realize that her husband ambitions were another woman almost blew her plans apart. Stepping in as her bartender, Alejandro helps save her when he became not only her rescuer, but a man who brings out hidden feelings of desire. However, first Jessica must save her dream, even if it means a Plan B.  Returns the wayward husband, and Jessica faces the decision of her future.

Great Contest from Maria Zannini

Writers! Chance for full manuscript critique!!

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