Bucket List

Yesterday I marked off one more thing on my Bucket List. I will post the official list later as it is still just in my head.  The one I half accomplished yesterday was to be an extra in a movie. Now you are probably thinking Des Moines, IA?  Not the movie capital of the world. Well, you are right, but believe it or not they do make movies here.

A casting call went out for the movie “Murder Incorporated.” All the other times (Yes, there were other times. Remember the “Bridges of Madison County?) I was working and not only could not make the auditions, but could not commit. Now that I am a full time author, I could use this as an experience to increase my writer’s edge.

So yesterday I rose, dressed as I am, funky but tasteful and drove to Grimes, IA (only about forty-five minutes away). Not knowing how this was done and this was one of Iowa’s cold day, I loaded in my van a heavy winter coat, gloves, a folding chair and a cup of hot coffee. I never assume I will be standing in line inside a warm building.  I have done too many Black Friday sales to know, ‘Be prepared for anything!’.

When I arrived at the auditioning spot, I found the parking lot not quite full and no outside line. Walking in, I followed the helpful signs that directed me to Room 107.  Arriving at the designated spot, I found a short line. Handed a card, I was number fifteen.  Not bad.

I arrived a half-hour before the start time, so I settled in and observed the people around me.  Some of the young men were in the just released move of this producer. As the line grew behind me, there were people of all sizes, age and looks. I stood behind a young man, a junior in high school, trying out for the first time. His father was there for support. I hope he gets a part. I remember being young and not having the courage to go for the gold.  It’s amazes me that at my age my courage has increased or my fear of failure has decreased. Whichever.

First, they called us for head shots. Which surprised me as I thought “I should have brought one.” With the beige brick wall as back ground I did my first ever photo shoot. Next we were giving a reregistration sheet. Listing I was available any time and would travel anywhere felt good. Under experience, I had to list none. But when I got to skills I left it blank, then decides to put “Author. Storyteller.”  After all that is what I am.

When they called my name, I walked into a room just like they show. A long table with four people on one side and a lone chair on the other side. The producer introduced the other men and asked me to sit.

First question-Why? “It’s bucket list thing.” He seemed to understand that.

Second statement from me. “I just want to be an extra.”

He smiled and said he could do that. That he would find a place for me to do my bucket list thing.  I left feeling like I had done a good thing for me.

Now I wait for the official word, filming starts in March 2013. I am ready. It feels good to pursue things I have tucked back in my mind that I want to do. Now is the time.


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