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Author: Rebecka Vigus
What title are you bringing to the blog hop: Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie

As if getting called out on a victimless domestic disturbance wasn’t bad enough, Detectives Macy McVannel and her partner Tom Maxell get a sixteen year old cold case plopped on their desks. Once the case opens up and the detectives try to help Mrs. Appleton finally find out who killed her son, they keep running into the same problem – their witnesses are turning up dead!
Nobody is safe. McVannel and Maxwell are forced into hiding when the murderer even tries to kill the police captain. Who will be next? Follow the team on an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting ride as they try to apprehend the murderer and stay alive at the same time!

What gave you the idea for the book?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. I was looking to write a book that could be series.
Who are your main characters:
Detective Sgt. Macy McVannel and Detective Tom Maxwell.
Who is my favorite character and why?
In this book, it’s Macy. She finds herself in a situation out of her comfort zone.
Spill a secret, mystery, or hidden in your book:
Macy’s last name is my maternal grandmother’s  maiden name.
Where do you live: I currently live in rural northern Michigan.
Name two famous people who have been sighted in your community:
Ted Nugent used to own property just around the corner from me and Bob Segar has been photographed with the waitresses at the local Big Boy Restaurant.
What is your favorite restaurant and what do they serve?
Big Boy is my favorite restaurant hang-out. They are considered a sit-down fast food chain. But the regulars get treated like royalty.
What author are you highlighting on your blog? Diana Hockley, author of The Naked Room
Where can readers connect with you?
At my blog, Ramblings by Rebecka –

Facebook –

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5 comments on “Blog Hop

    • I checked out your blog. Loved it! I know mine was ” a little” rough, but please feel free to tell me what I should have done. This was the first blog hop for me and the fact I even got it posted is a miracle in it’s self.

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