Katie’s Wind

Does love always come as it should?

Or does it meet barriers that force it to move

in a different direction like the wind?

Katie’s Wind

A fresh taboo-breaking love story with a daring plot-line between an assiduous younger man and a woman forced to reinvent her life. The essence of the story is how the stages of our lives dictate the choices we make.

Katie: Having dealt with the unexpected death of her husband of thirty-five years, she wants to get passed the grief to create a life of her own.  Enters Enrique, a mature younger man that falls in love with her and she finds the love of her life.

Enrique: Took over as head of the house for his mother and younger brother when his father died.  Completing an MBA, his plan is to pursue a career, marry and have a family. Meeting Katie changes all that. He is immediately smitten with the beautiful and elegent librarian.

Sounds simple.  But life puts roadblocks in their paths.  Coming to a crossroad, each must decide the direction they need to follow.  Will parting to find their own destiny bring them back together or will it leave them with only memories?


3 comments on “Katie’s Wind

  1. I’ve had the honor of reading “Katie’s Wind” from its beginning. Love the characters. It’s emotional, passionate and the ending brings you to tears. Good job!

  2. I’ve read “Katie’s Wind” and loved it. A women starting her life over again after the tragedy of loosing her husband. A beautiful story of a women coming into her own. Great story. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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